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CV Anchor


Education Anchor

The Rockefeller University – PhD Student 2016-Present

Advisor: Dr. Erich Jarvis

Vanderbilt University –  B.A. Neuroscience, Minor in History of Art,  2016

Honors Thesis: Changes in Cortical Wiring in a Mouse Model of Autism

Advisor: Dr. Vivien Casagrande

University of St Andrews – Fall semester, 2014

Interacting with Neural Circuits, CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme

Champalimaud Institute for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal – Summer 2019


Publictions Anchor

Papers and Preprints


Vasiliki Stoumpu, César D. M. Vargas, Peter F. Schade, J. Lomax Boyd, Theodoros Giannakopoulos, Erich D. Jarvis. (2021). Analysis of Mouse Vocal Communication (Amvoc): A deep, unsupervised method for rapid detection, analysis, and classification of ultrasonic vocalizations. Bioacoustics 32.2 (2023): 199-229.


Mayu Frank, Nathalie E Blachere, Salina Parveen, Ezgi Hacisuleyman, John Fak, Joseph M Luna, Eleftherios Michailidis, Samara Wright, Pamela Stark, Ann H Campbell, Ashley Foo, Thomas P Sakmar, Virginia Huffman, Marissa Bergh, Audrey Goldfarb, Andrew Mansisidor, Agata L Patriotis, Karl H Palmquist, Nicolas Poulton, Rachel Leicher, César D Vargas, Irene Duba, Arlene Hurley, Joseph P Colagreco, Nicole Pagane, Dana E Orange, Kevin Mora, Jennifer L Rakeman, Randal C Fowler, Helen Fernandes, Michelle F Lamendola-Essel, Nick Didkovsky, Leopolda Silvera, Joseph Masci, Machelle Allen, Charles M Rice, Robert B Darnell. (2021). DRUL for school: Opening Pre-K with safe, simple, sensitive saliva testing for SARS-CoV-2. PLOS ONE. 2021;16(6):e0252949.


Textbook Chapters

Jose E. Marin, Andres H. Belmont, César D. M. Vargas, Jessica Salazar, Henderson Jones, Phillip Gibson, and Monica Delgado. (2013). Atoms, Elements, Molecules, and Ions. General Chemistry by Exploration: 46-48.    



Christodoulos Bochalis, Cesar Vargas, Erich Jarvis, and Theodoros Giannakopoulos. Unsupervised Temporal Analysis of Mouse Vocalizations. IEEE Conference on
Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (2022).

Awards and Funding

Awards&Funding Anchor

Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship, Gordon Research Conference, 2022

Pilot Grant, Kavli Neural Systems Institute, Rockefeller University, 2019

Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study, HHMI, 2018

College of Arts and Science Undergraduate Travel Award, Vanderbilt University, 2015

Talks and Presentations

Talks&Preetations Achor

Rockefeller Student Retreat, August 2022 - Talk

Rockefeller Postdoctoral Association Seminar Series, August 2022 - Talk

Society for Neuroscience, 2021 – Poster

Agravat, R. A., Vargas, C. D. M,J arvis, E. D. Connectivity and Neuroanatomy of  the Orofacial Motor Cortex and the Laryngeal Motor Cortex for Vocal Modulation in Mice

Society for Neuroscience, 2021 – Poster

Vargas, C. D. M, Waidmann, E. N., Jarvis, E. D. Stimulation of Mouse Primary Motor Cortex Activates Intrinsic and Extrinsic Vocal Muscles

High-Risk, High-Reward Research Symposium, NIH, June, 2021 – Poster

Vargas, C. D. M, Waidmann, E. N., Jarvis, E. D. Assessing the Functional Representation of Vocal Musculature in the Motor Cortex of Mice

Junior Scientist Workshop on Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience, HHMI, December, 2020 – Poster

Vargas, C. D. M, Waidmann, E. N., Jarvis, E. D. Functional Representation of Vocal Musculature in the
Motor Cortex of Mice

Neuromatch 3.0, October, 2020 – Talk

Functional Representation of Vocal Musculature in the Motor Cortex of Mice

Keizen Lecture, Comparative Bioscience Center, Rockefeller University, April, 2019 – Talk

Society for Neuroscience, 2016 – Poster

Krueger Fister*  , J., Vargas*  , C. D. M., Mavity-Hudson, J. A., Robson, M. J., Veenstra-Vanderweele, J., Wallace, M. T., Blakely, R. D., and Casagrande, V. A. (2016)

Changes in thalamocortical projection patterns in a mouse model of autism. Society for Neuroscienc, Program No. 30.10/C8. *authors contributed equally

Society for Neuroscience, 2015 – Poster

Vargas, C.D.M., Mavity-Hudson, J., Robosn, M., Veenstra-VanderWeele, J., Wallace, M.,
Blakely, R., Casagrande, V. (2015) Changes in Cortical Wiring in a Mouse Model of Autism. Society for Neuroscience, Program No.490.17/E18.

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Science Day, September, 2015 – Poster

Bio Anchor


I am bilingual, binational, and bicultural. I grew up in Mexico City, Mexico, and then in El Paso, TX. I count myself lucky to have grown up surrounded by people who look and sound like me; surrounded by people who eat like me; and surrounded by people who see the world in a similar lens to me. I was never considered an outsider. It's this experience, with an awareness of how many people with my background have the outsider experience, that I am a passionate and unapologetic supporter of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Justice initiatives as well as the Black Lives Matter organization and movement. It is by the very definition and existence of terms like "underrepresented minority" that we know the systems we work in, as they exist, are not doing enough.

I am committed to doing the best science I am capable of


I am committed to ensuring any one who desires it can do the best science they are capable of

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