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Image of a small mouse climbing upward on the stem of a plant

Research Interests:

I am constantly amazed by the feats of many animals. Whether it's the in-air acrobatics of bats, the hunting projectiles of archer fish, or the complex singing abilities of birds, many species have evolved many incredible behaviors. How any of these is generated by the brain is exciting to consider. But I'm also interested in how neural circuits evolved to to control newly evolved behaviors or control newly evolved morphologies.

I'm interested in the following types of questions:

1) How does neural activity coordinate different muscles to produce various different behaviors?

2) How do these circuits change their activity to flexibly adapt behaviors for new environmental contexts and challenges?

I want to work on answering these types of question by studying motor systems from the perspectives of neuroethology and evolutionary neurobiology. Throughout my research I have used different electrophysiological (both brain and muscle), anatomical, and computational methods.

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